Research Boosters

Persistent identifiers

Some of your work keeps getting confused with another person with the same name? Some of your work does not get referenced properly because of name variants? Learn about and claim your ORCiD!

Learn also about the importance of cross-referencing and attaching persistent identifiers to your work to increase visibility.


Free and Open Source softwares exist for all stages of the research cycle. Maybe you are already doing analyses in R, writing collaboratively through Git/GitHub, drafting your notebook with Jupyter or RMarkdown, writing up your manuscript in LaTex or including references with Zotero.

Discover how useful these tools are and practice your new skills during hands-on sessions.

Social media

Social media is not all about personal life, it can become a powerful tool to increase your visibility as a researcher and create new collaborations. Come and learn how best to use social media applications to boost your career.

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