Open Access

Are you aware that you do not always have to pay author fees to make your work Open Access? Do you know the difference between the ‘Green’ and ‘Gold’ routes? And what about publishing Open Access monographs? Come and learn about the myths and realities around Open Access.

Want a refresher about any mandates in Luxembourg? The FNR will be there to present their Open Access Policy and Open Access Fund.


Any doubts on where and how to upload your manuscripts to a repository? Do you always include your ORCID and the document’s DOI? We will give you practical tips and answer all of your questions during hands-on sessions on ORBilu (University of Luxembourg only) and OpenDOAR / Zenodo (for other institutions).


Single blind, double blind, triple blind or open identities? Is it the same in all research fields? Debate about the benefits and drawbacks of the different peer-reviewing practices.

And what about sharing your work as early as possible on pre-prints servers? Does it increases the risk of getting ‘scooped’ or does it actually increases your visibility? Come and share your thoughts during the debate session.

Tell us what you really want to learn, debate or practice