Hot topics

Open Innovation and Patents

Openess is compatible with innovation and patents. These sessions will focus on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Patents in the context of research and openess.

Intellectual Property Rights are a vast subject sometimes difficult to apprehend in the context of research. In these sessions, you will explore Open Licenses that exist to help with the sharing and re-using of research outputs (e.g. Creative Commons licences).

Research evaluation

Do you agree on how research is evaluated? On how you are judged as researchers? Are journal metrics such as the Impact Factor good tools? Come and have your say and debate about research evaluation.

Publishing companies

Are publishing companies really on your side? Do you agree on how costly it is to publish digital content? Do you even still need to publish in journals to share your work? Come and share your thoughts and debate about the current situation and what the future of academic publishing could look like.

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