Social hours

Because the Open Science Forum is somewhat an informal event, no official conference dinner will be organised. However, for whoever is interested, we will gather for drinks on Thursday 15 November evening. More details will come later…

Besides the various topics that will be discussed during the debate sessions, the Open Science Café will be a designated time to gather, socialise and discuss any topics you may have. In small or large groups, following up a discussion or starting a new topic, it is a free time to share your interests and/or concerns. Discussion cards will also be provided in case you need to spark up the conversation.

Learning through the structure of a workshop is essential, but sometimes our brains also need distraction and entertainment. During the three days of the Open Science Forum, take part in our Open Science Quest, where you will need to find clues and answers spread all over the five floors of the Luxembourg Learning Centre. A treasure awaits you at the end fellow Open Science Voyager… More details will be revealed soon.